Meet Ettore Steccone.

Ettore Steccone came to the United States from Italy in 1896 to seek his fortune and chose window cleaning as his profession.

As much as he enjoyed his job and the freedom it afforded him, he didn’t like the heavy steel squeegee he had to use. After much trial and error, Steccone developed a new T-shaped tool, manufactured of brass with a single precision slit rubber blade which dried windows virtually streak free. He patented his innovative new squeegee in 1936 and dubbed it the NEW DEAL.

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Such a Simple Invention.

Often imitated, never duplicated, Ettore Steccone’s original design has remained virtually unchanged since its inception in 1936. His secret was, and is, in the rubber. With the same secrecy and security afforded soft drink formulas, the ingredients formulation of Ettore rubber is carefully guarded. For this is the essential heart of the system, a razor sharp square edge, supple, smooth, consistent which leaves glass perfectly clean and streak free.


This is an original "New Deal" Ettore Squeegee, built in 1937 and used continually by a window cleaner for more than 34 years.