Ounce for Ounce, The Best Pole System on the Market

The Carbon Pro+ pole is an innovative high-reach, water-fed system, constructed of lightweight carbon fiber and reinforced with Kevlar using the latest bonding technology. This combination results in a unique pole system which is very lightyet very rigid.

Pole segments are offered in three- and five-foot lengths allowing for heights to 65 feet. And, the Carbon Pro+ pole system can be easily customized by mounting various brushes and accessories onto the pole. It all adds up to the best pole system your money can buy.

Reinforced Aluminum Joints ensure a secure connection between pole sections. Internal check valve prevents water from draining when pole sections are removed or added.

Unique Scrub’n Rinse attachment is one of many accessories available.

Boar’s hair brush available.

Brushes available in 12″ and 18″sizes.

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