Auto Squeegee Scrubber

Designed with you in mind, this automotive squeegee has all the advantages of good innovation. Its 16″ handle is the perfect size to reach across automobiles. The 8″ head is made of tough nylon to scrub away dirt, bugs and dried stains with a durable streak-free scraper on the other side. This lightweight scraper is a first class product in the automotive industry.


  • 8-inch lightweight plastic head; squeegee and scrubber and 16-inch handle
  • Durable rubber blade for better auto window cleaning
  • Tough nylon netting for easy bug, dirt, and pollen removal
  • Large version is also available in this model (10 inch head and 20 inch handle)
  • Product Numbers: 59016 (16 inches handle) and 59024 (20 inch handle)


Also Available At: Amazon | Lowe’sHome Depot | Do It Best

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Additional information

Weight .54 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 22 × 7.8 in


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