Heavy Duty Floor Scraper with Handle, 4 Inch

Heavy Duty Floor Scraper with 48″ handle and reversible 4″ Double Edge carbon steel blade. Dull edge of blade for removing cement and stucco. Razor edge for paint, tape and chewing gum. Comes with snap-on blade cover and rubber grip. Ideal for removing chewing gum, tape, and wax build-up from surfaces. Replacement blades available.


  • 4-inch angle head (available in 6-inch); angled head to reach corners
  • Double-edged blades, dull and razor sharp; includes protective blade guard
  • Perfect for removing tape, gum and grit from glass
  • 48-inch long handle with rubberized comfort hand
  • Product Number: 2007

Also Available at: Amazon | Home Depot | Betty Mills

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