Total Glass Care Kit

Total Glass Care Kit contains all your basic need for cleaning your household windows and glass surfaces. The kit includes a 10-inch complete window washer a squeegee and washer all in one with a 16-inch pole for convenient window cleaning without purchasing multiple products. Combine the complete window washer with a 16-ounce squeegee off concentrate soap to remove the toughest stains. Along with the window cleaning products come a shower sweep squeegee and microswipe microfiber cloths.

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  • 10-inch Complete Window Washer a squeegee and washer all-in-one
  • 16-ounce Squeegee-Off; professional formula dissolves tough dirt, grease, and grime
  • 11-inch Shower Sweep; silicone blade for streak free cleaning
  • MicroSwipe Cloths; premium microfiber quality traps and removes dust, dirt when dry
  • Part # 2006

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