Window Cleaning Kit

Ettore Basic window cleaning kit has everything you need in one single kit. A simple set up for a small business owner, homeowner, or janitor. The kit includes a 10-inch professional stainless steel backflip. Take note: the squeegee is 2-inches longer than the washer. The scarepmaster window scraper blade is 4-inches wide and is double edge Danish flexible steel blade. Also, the 3.5 gallon bucket is highly visible to avoid unnecessary accidents and is designed to fit a 10-inch washer. Lastly, the 32 ounce Squeegee-off soap is perfect to clean windows and cellulose sponge to remove access dirt or grime.

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  • Basic window cleaning kit includes:
  • Stainless Steel Professional backflip, 10-inch 4-tools in- 1
  • Scrapemaster Scraper and Cellulose Sponge
  • 3.5 gallon bucket and 32 ounce Squeegee-Off soap
  • Product # 85555

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