Ettore Steccone invented the window squeegee over eighty years ago in Oakland, California.  His T-shaped tool, manufactured of brass with a single precision slit rubber blade, dried windows virtually streak-free and became the new standard in cleaning glass.

Today his family still runs this small independently owned company and continues his legacy by bringing quality products, not only to the professional, but to homeowners around the world.  The spirit to innovate and discover new and better ways to clean is alive and well at Ettore Products Company.  As we inspire professionals to master the art of cleaning, our goal is to remain at the forefront of innovation and continue to product the finest cleaning tools available.


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What tools will I need to clean my windows?

Depending on whether or not you have a two story home there are really only a few tools you will need to clean your windows, a squeegee, scrubber, bucket, cloth and Squeegee-Off solution. For second story windows add a REA-C-H pole to your tools.

What time of the day is the best to do your windows?

The time of day you don’t want to wash your windows is when direct sun light is hitting your glass. The sun will dry up the solution you have applied and make it impossible for you to squeegee it off.

Where do I buy Ettore Products?

Our Ettore line of squeegee’s can be found in most major Hardware chains or local hardware stores.

Is a lot of water needed on your windows to properly clean them?

A common misconception is that a lot of water is needed to properly squeegee your windows. An excess of water will only make your job wetter and more difficult. A thin application of Squeegee-Off and water solution to your windows using a scrubber is all you need to get you glass prepared to squeegee. Check our Cleaning Tips section for more information on properly cleaning your windows.

How do you clean the inside of your windows?

Ettore squeegees also work great to clean the inside of your windows. Use the same technique as you would on your outside windows, but place a towel at the bottom of your window to catch the excess water and clean as usual.


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