Amanda Buck

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your mop and all of its attachments!!! I am a private housekeeper and use it daily!
I have a request … could you make a flat mop attachment? PLEASE ? I am taller than average and LOVE the 3 extensions your handle provides. Would love to be able to attach a flat mop head.
Thank you for your consideration. I do believe the product would sell well for you.
Amanda Buck

web designer

By chance I happened to find the MicroSwipe mini blind cleaner at our local LOWES store. I purchased the product with high hopes it would help me clean metal blinds at work and cut my time in half. I am so enamored with my new cleaning gadget!!! I finally found a product that makes me HAPPY to clean blinds. Thank you! Patricia

Joseph Lucas

I’m 39 started cleaning Windows full time stage 16.startes doing low windows for my uncle’s business when I was 12.had my busines now for 20 years your guys products they take a in market. Id love some swag from yons. Thanks Joe Lucas window cleaning